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The Original 291Club is a huge production which commands the attention of millions of people during the promotional campaign plus the attention of the large number of people at any one of our events.

By purchasing any of our Non Profit Making Sponsorship Packages, you will benefit from direct marketing to our audience which is already 15'000 people strong. Please see each package for the additional goodies and perks you will enjoy.


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Help fulfill the Original 291Club Vision

Our vision is to unearth talent via our Original 291 Club platform in order to help build careers in the entertainment industry on and off stage.

We endeavour to bring you 3 shows a year with a few spin off shows inbetween.

Each show requires a team of people to work together to make the productions happen. We see this as a great opportunity to employ young people on an paid apprenticeship level where they will learn and gather the experience they will need to succeed in the world of entertainment.

For the winners of the Talent Competitions, we are recording tracks with them to be featured on any of the forthcoming Fly Fresh n Phat albums which was established at EMI Records and is a showcase album for new talent.

To realise this vision, we need your help. Please donate what you can via the link below. 

Thank you, we appreciate your help.

Massive thank you to our sponsors & supporters

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