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Variety Show & Talent Competition

TO291Club Celebrating the Windrush Generation & Talent Competition 2019 Summer Edition @ The Watford Palace Theatre


The Original 291Club Variety Show & Talent Competition

The Original 291Club is a cross between the London Palladium and the Harlem Apollo in New York. The 291 Club is essentially a variety show staged at an luxurious theatre where the audience chooses the winner.

A range of diverse acts, including singers, dancers and musicians come on stage and try their luck in front of a merciless audience. Eschewing any notion of polite applause, any act which fails to entertain the crowd is soon booed off and given "early retirement." This involves the dreaded spectre of the Sandman.

The acts which do manage to finish their performances are then brought out at the end as the winner is chosen from whoever garners the loudest and longest applause from the audience.


This year is staged at the Watford Palace Theatre with the first half of the evening being dedicated to celebrating the Windrush Generation.

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The Original 291Club Variety Show & Talent Competition on 6/7/19 at The Watford Palace Theatre. Celebrating the Windrush to Generationwas a success!!!!

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